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St Ellen’s and Cosmedicare

The Complaints Process

St Ellen’s/Cosmedicare values complaints and the learning and improvement that can result from complaints.  As part of its complaints procedure, it has established a process for the provision of an independent review as the final stage of the process: The Independent Complaints Reviewer (ICR).

Please consider the following questions before you continue to access the ICR: –

  1. Have you had a final response about your complaint from St Ellen’s/Cosmedicare?
  2. Are you the person making the complaint or do you have consent to represent that person?
  3. Is your complaint related to how your complaint was managed or the final response?

If you answered YES to all three questions then you may proceed to raise your review request with the ICR. If you answered NO you should go back to St Ellen’s/Cosmedicare and ask to speak to the Complaints Manager [add email here].

If you answered NO to question 1 you should wait for your final response before coming to the ICR. St Ellen’s/Cosmedicare must have had the opportunity to consider and respond to your complaint at Stage 1 or Stage 2.

If you answered NO to question 2 you must be the person raising the complaint or have their consent.

If you answered NO to question 3 and your complaint is about another matter such as your treatment or surgery, St Ellens have a specific process to consider your clinical care. Please contact the Complaints Manager to discuss your complaint. Thank you.

If you are seeking financial compensation or wish to take legal action you must take your issue to a legal representative. Please note the ICR cannot offer you any financial compensation.

If you have met all the steps above you are now at the final stage of the complaints process where the ICR will review your complaint.

The Independent Complaints Reviewer

The ICR is responsible for investigating and responding to complaints which have exhausted the internal St Ellen’s/Cosmedicare complaints procedure. The ICR will determine whether or not the service provided met the hospital’s standards and whether or not your complaint was managed in a reasonable manner.

The ICR will aim to acknowledge complaints within 5 working days of receipt and reply in full within 20 working days of receipt of the complaint.  Where this is not possible the ICR will explain this to you and set a clear timescale for further progress with your case. 

Any information shared with the ICR will be treated as confidential and will comply with all Data Protection legislation.

The ICR role is managed by DA Professional Limited. Further information about the ICR can be found here.

Reporting complaints decisions

The ICR will issue a final investigation report to you and St Ellen’s/Cosmedicare at the same time.  The report will include the findings and conclusions of the complaint investigation.  The conclusions will be linked to the findings and will report the outcome of each complaint investigated as Upheld or Not Upheld.  There may, on occasions be a need to report a complaint outcome as Partially Upheld, or No Decision, however these occasions will be rare.  

Where failings, or opportunities to learn and improve have been identified the ICR may make recommendations relating to St Ellen’s/Cosmedicare service provision, including, for example, providing an apology for any service failure and/or improvements to processes and procedures.

To complete your Complaints Review Document, please click on the button below:

Your complaint

Please either send your complaint as an attachment to this email address ICR@DAProfessional.net or complete the template provided.

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