Revive and Thrive - 16th June 2023 Resources

Come in


You Tube Video – “Imposter Syndrome” 

You Tube Video – “Lessons from Geese” 


You Tube Video – “The Power of Self-Compassion” 


You Tube Video – “This is Me” 

You Tube Video – “Amy Cuddy Fake it until you make it ” 

Steven Bartlett Clip – “We’re getting Imposter Syndrome wrong” 


Thank you so much for attending our Summer Revive and Thrive Day.  We would love to have your feedback on the day – if you can please click on the Feedback button below and let us know how the experience was for you!

The next one day Revive and Thrive Retreat will take place on the 27th October 2023 at The Mews in Edinburgh.