Scottish Practice Management Development Network


A warm welcome to this series of learning events on Complaints.  The overall aim for this work is to raise awareness and support the development of the knowledge and skills required by practice staff to listen, respond and learn from complaints.  These sessions are Complaints Informed so are relevant to all.

There will be a series of blogs, audios and videos and these will be uploaded to this page below.  

Listen to the first video below on why we are focussing on Complaints.   Learn how to understand and respond to complaints and how to look after your own well being.

In the second of our video talks we explore why values matter both in our personal lives and at work.  We will also explore how values may impact on both your responses and those of complainants.

During our third video we will explore the links between triggers and values and the related neuroscience.  The session will walk you through THREATS and how each element may impact your own and the behaviour of others.

The topic for the fourth of our videos  is Emotions.  During the session we will be building on the previous sessions and will also be exploring the relationship between Emotions and Communication. 

In this session, we will explore the causes and types of conflict.
We will describe conflict styles and the cycle of conflict. Then we
will introduce you to models of conflict and consider ways to
minimise conflict or manage it

This session continues our discussion about emotions as we
specifically discuss empathy.  Why is empathy important? As we all face more adversity and challenge at work, managing our own self-care is more
important than ever.

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