Cultivating compassion

Building on my expertise in complaints resolution, I support individuals, teams and organisations to communicate as best they can.

I have successfully delivered workshops and masterclasses to a wide variety of audiences. I offer a tailored approach working with you to design what’s right for you.  

You can’t engineer an emotional, vulnerable and courageous process into an easy, one-size-fits-all formula

Brene Brown


“An apology is the superglue of life – it can fix just about anything” New South Wales Ombudsman

A suite of seminars and masterclasses will provide you and your teams with the skills and confidence to listen, learn and act in response to feedback and complaints. 

We recognise the challenges you face – yet putting yourself in the shoes of the other person is a powerful way to respond positively. Whether it be a compliment, concern, or complaint, feedback should be welcomed and tackled at the earliest opportunity.

Responding well starts with listening and giving an on-the-spot apology, explanation or another action which can resolve matters quickly.

Courses Available

  • Communicating at our best
  • Conflict : managing yourself and others
  • Caring Human Factors
  • The value of feedback
  • The power of apology
  • The art and science of complaints
  • Facilitating complaints meetings
  • Meaningful person-centred responses
  • Conflict, complaints and claims
  • Introduction to self-compassion and forgiveness
  • Put your own oxygen mask on first: caring for ourselves and others

To err is human: to forgive divine

Alexander Pope

My Chosen Charity

I am especially proud to donate a percentage of my profits to North Edinburgh Dementia Care.  NEDC is run by a voluntary board of Directors and they are such a valuable support to those families in the North East of Edinburgh who have been affected by dementia.  They do a truly fantastic job.  

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